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We’ve already been endorsed by:


Monterey Bay Central Labor Council

Santa Cruz for Bernie

National Union of Healthcare Workers

UCSC Democrats 

Monterey/Santa Cruz Building & Construction Trades Council

SMART (United Transportation Union) Local 23

Service Employees International Union Local 521 

Sierra Club

Democratic Socialists of America – Santa Cruz

People’s Democratic Club 

Campaign for Sustainable Transportation

UA Local 62 Plumbers and Steamfitters 

Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee 

Elected Leaders 

Justin Cummings –  Mayor of the City of Santa Cruz 

Dr. Sandy Brown –  City of Santa Cruz Councilmember

Bruce Van Allen –  Former mayor, current trustee of the Santa Cruz County Board of Education

Stacey Falls –  Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee District 3 Elected Member

Cyndi Dawson –  Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee District 3 Elected Member 

Ed Porter – Former Santa Cruz City Council Member 2000-2008

Community Members

Kayla Kumar Candidate for Santa Cruz City Council

Rev. Christopher Van Hall  Local faith leader

Ernestina Saldana Community organizer

Shawn Orgel-OlsonCommissioner, Transportation and Public Works, Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee District 3 Alternate

Faisal FazilatCommunity organizer, union rep 

Dawn Schott-Norris Parks and Recreation Commissioner

Thairie Ritchie Community organizer 

Candace BrownCommissioner, Transportation and Public Works

Ann Simonton – CPVAW Commissioner and Founder, Director of Media Watch

Brett Garrett  – Commissioner, Downtown Commission 

TJ Demos   UCSC Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture, Director of Center for Creative Ecologies 

Mark Lee Urban & Rural – Water, Land Use, Sustainable Energy, Transportation & Small business start ups

James Weller Local faith leader

James Sandoval – General Chairperson of SMART Local 0023

Peter Scott  Retired faculty member, UCSC

Pauline Seales  Climate advocate 

Rick Longinotti – Co-chair, Campaign for Sustainable Transportation

Adam Bolaños Scow – Environmental advocate 

Sara NelsonExecutive Director of the Romero Institute

Erica Aitken  Founder of Rods & Cones 

John Hall Professor, UCSC 

Mathilde RandRetired educator 

Michael GasserCommunity organizer, retired educator

Douglas HullConsultant 

Keli GabinelliCommunity organizer 

Dana FrankRetired UCSC History Professor

Tatanka Bricca – Tatanka’s Living Room founder, organizer

Susan Cavalieri

Barbara Riverwoman

Steve Schnaar

Roland Saher 

Reggie Meisler

Carol Long

Sheila Carrillo

Vicki Winters

Michael Levy

Nancy Krusoe

Len Beyea  

Sylvia Caras

Lisa Johnson

Lynne Cooper

Matt Nathanson

Cathy Calfo

Gail Jack

Curtis Reliford 

Susan Martinez

Sandra Ivany

Krista Corwin

Vivienne Orgel