We need to navigate this crisis with equity and empathy.

Let’s keep people housed and help those who aren’t.

We’ll push Santa Cruz forward on environmental justice.

We can reinvest in transformative systems to keep our communities truly safe.

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Dear Santa Cruz community members, 

I’m running for Santa Cruz City Council because we are facing multiple crises. And crises require strong voices in leadership who center the most vulnerable among us. I can, and will be, that voice.

We are in the midst of a health and economic crisis. Our neighborhoods are hurting. Our businesses are hurting. We have to care for everyone in our community to ensure a just recovery from COVID-19. We have to preserve the spirit of Santa Cruz and build back in a way that centers equity.

We are facing a crisis of racial inequality. I’m a student of history, and history tells us that those who don’t show up in times of injustice are ultimately complicit in it. That’s why we all have to dig deeper to meet the current racial justice moment here in our local community.

We are facing the crisis of climate change and ecosystem collapse. As an environmental activist, I understand that our time is limited. The science on climate change is clear. We need to decarbonize our community, implement better mitigation strategies, and prepare vulnerable communities as quickly as possible. The clock is ticking.

So I’m stepping up for the community that I love—the community I’ve put down roots in—to address these daunting and overlapping crises because the stakes have never been higher. We need to act in accordance with our values, and I’m ready and willing to hold the line for you, the people of Santa Cruz.

My door is always open to you. No matter your race, gender, class, or religion. I’m here to listen and learn. I come from struggle; the entirety of my teenage years were spent navigating extreme poverty as a result of the 2008 financial crash, so I know what it’s like to feel crushed by circumstances beyond one’s control. That’s why I believe we need understanding and community at the forefront of our policies. You can learn more about my personal story here.

We got us. I know that together, we’re capable of incredible feats, despite the challenges ahead. We’re more than capable of a just recovery, truly affordable housing, improved community safety, and real efforts toward environmental justice.

I hope we can join forces in the coming weeks and months. I’m looking forward to getting to know you, and I’d be honored to have your vote on November 3.

Solidarity forever,

Kelsey R. Hill

Justin Cummings

Mayor of the City of Santa Cruz 

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